Celebrating 22 years

of reducing the dropout rate and preparing

African American Boys

for college and careers.

  The Father, Son, Men and Boys Association Inc. was organized out of the need to strengthen the relationships between the male members of our society.  Time and circumstances demanded the organization and mobilization of concerned men who are willing to be responsible for helping to guide not only their sons, but the models of manhood.  If our boys are without strong and caring ideals of manhood, what can we expect them to become as they grow and mature? 

 If we fail to be models of conscious men, then other images of so called “manhood” will become their model and they will continue in the cycle of dependency, crime and neglect of their responsibility.  The efforts of the Father, Son, Men and Boys Association are designed to reverse this cycle.

We know what must be done to save our children.

 We need your help.

Contact us for more Informatiom. 


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